My Review of CXVI by Angie Smith



This is another book that sat on my kindle for a while but the moment I opened the pages I was hooked. Ms. Smith writes a believable mystery thriller which keeps you on the edge of your seat and explodes in more drama at the end.  DS Maria Barnes is not a cliche character, she very much holds her own with insights into a more complex character. Superintendent Greg Woods sees something in Barnes that her other colleagues don’t. He looks beyond her prickly, almost autistic nature and sees her potential. The relationship ( work/friendship) between them is lovely and natural, building throughout the story.
A series of deaths which first appear unrelated start to show the traits of a series of killing with one obvious link – the Roman Numerals. The more that  Woods and Barnes dig they find that the connection leads them to a rich and beautiful widow.
There are many threads woven into this tapestry of a book and not one of them was loose. 
This book is cleaver and exciting and well written.
The ending was not one I saw coming. I will be picking up books 2 & 3 in this trilogy.



2 responses to “My Review of CXVI by Angie Smith

  1. That sounds really good! If I’m honest, I’ve always been put off this one a little by the title – I can’t really put my finger on why – but I might give it a go now! Great review 🙂

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