Round-up of the Week


News from around the world

China’s governing Communist Party has proposed removing a clause in the constitution which limits presidencies to two five-year terms. This is in an attempt to allow the current President Xi Jinping to remain as leader after he is due to step down.

News from London

A Letter containing a substance sent to St. James’s Palace is being treated as a ‘racist hate crime”. The substance was tested by the Met Police and was found not to be harmful. The letter is said to have been addressed to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

My News

I have finally finished decoration my living room at home, which has taken quite a while being a weekend only job. I now need to replace the carpet and furniture but really pleased with how it’s looking so far.

Writing News

This week I’ve focused on the last minute tighten up of Sins of the Father which is due to head to the editor on Thursday which will be a nail-biting experience. I even managed to get a newsletter out for the first time in about 5 months.

1 thought on “Round-up of the Week

  1. How exciting you finished the decorating and sold almost 500 copies of ‘A Boy from the Streets’ I love that book and cannot wait for ‘Sins of the Father’ Amazing round up of the week. Well done 🙂

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